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CAR TIP #9: Examine Your Used Engine Oil—HAVE IT TESTED!

Here’s another easy car care habit that, if followed along with many others, can keep your car running for (darn-near) FOREVER:

Examine Your Used Engine Oil—HAVE IT TESTED!

None of us can predict the future, but the used engine oil that flows out of your car every 3,000 miles can be soothsayer! Your oil is to your car what your blood is to your body—and every full physical typically include blood tests to check for possible ailments. For the same cost of an oil change, you can have your oil tested to see what might be plaguing your automobile, and address it before any real damage is done.

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* Price dependent on oil type and viscosity, includes up to five quarts of multi-grade motor oil. Offer covers most vehicles, but some exceptions may apply. Valid email address required, and is not valid with other offers nor is it transferable. This offer does not apply for full synthetic oils or any car newer than 2014. One coupon redemption per customer. Please mention this offer at time of placing or confirming appointment.